Renewal Servicing is a registered charity (no. 283064) and, while stocks last, will continue to sell John Richards' books by mail order in the U.K., post free. If you are stocking a bookstall, or ordering 3 or more of a title, then the discounted bookstall prices apply.
The following titles are available -

The Question of Healing Services  
(bookstalls - £2.00)

Lord Coggan writes - "John Richards' book is the result of careful reflection and long experience - practical and down-to-earth."
Since it covers virtually every question asked about healing services, it is, in fact, a very complete introduction to the Church's healing ministry.
Published by Daybreak (D.L.T.), 182 pages.
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The Church's Healing Ministry  
(bookstalls - 50p)

Summary of Archbishop's Commission Report. Foreword by Lord Coggan.
Published by Marshall Pickering, 52 pages.

Exorcism, Deliverance and Healing  
(bookstalls - 90p)
  Grove booklet on pastoral & liturgical guidelines.
Published by Grove Books, 24 pages.
But Deliver Us From Evil  
Now only £6.00
(bookstalls - £4.00)
  Pastoral care and deliverance for demonically disturbed people and places .
Published by D.L.T., 244 pages.
Minister & the Deliverance Ministry  
(bookstalls - 50p)
  Guidelines for the spiritual life of the minister and for a right approach to evil.
Published by Renewal Servicing, 13 pages (A4).
'Resting in the Spirit' - The falling phenomenon  
(bookstalls - 50p)
  Standard work. Full and biblical, with contributions from Don Double & the late Cardinal Suenens. Contains guidelines both for those within and outside the renewal movement.
Published by Renewal Servicing, 15 pages (A4).

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